Saturday, June 4, 2011

Micro-Makeover: The Balcony – Final touches

With this beautiful weather in Berlin at the moment, I am enjoying my little city beach (the big picture here and the details here) more than ever. I love it morning, midday, afternoon, evening and night. And although I try to relax and enjoy the sun and the view, I often find myself doing little things here and there. But these are my final touches, I promise.

Since I try to use my balcony more like an extra room and not just as a little attachment to the apartment, I also thought I needed some art for the walls of my little ‘sunroom’

First I bought picture frames in green and turquoise from IKEA (4 for EUR 5) to stay within my ‘colour scheme’. They come with a plastic cover for the picture instead of a glass cover, which is perfect because then they cannot break even if a gust of wind blows them off the wall.

Then I looked for pictures which would fit within the beach topic but weren’t too colourful. If you have colourful frames like that, I prefer to have pastel or monochrome pictures. Anyway, the minute I saw these X-ray pictures of different shells my decision was made. I enlarged them to exactly fit the frames, printed them on cardboard, then cut out and framed them.

And voila, my city beach balcony sunroom is also a gallery ;-). I am off to the vernissage with an ice coffee now.

Hope you all enjoy your Saturday!

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