Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Bavarian Wedding – My Outfit

On Wednesdays I share everything wedding with you: tips, projects, organisation, photos, faux-pas, fun things and golden rules I ‘learned’ from my own wedding. I feel I need to give something back to the fabulous blog community who helped me stay sane and enjoy every second of my ‘big day’.
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My friend C. is going to get married in August and as you might remember from here she is going to wear a Dirndl, a traditional Bavarian costume. So this time the search for an outfit is quite different to all the other weddings I have been before. Plus I am her maid of honour – which is a huge honour for me but also doubles the pressure to wear something extra nice. As I live in Berlin (about 500km away from Bavaria) it is quite difficult – not to say impossible – to find a new dirndl here and unfortunately I won’t have time to go Dirndl-shopping in Munich before the wedding either. Argggghhhh! So it is either wear a dirndl I already have or make a new one (but where to get Bavarian fabrics from and where to find time as a working mum). Double arrrrgggghhh!!!
Anyway, given that making a new dirndl is not an option, I decided to ask you lovely people, what I should wear. You are the best decision makers ever. You are passionate about fashion. You are honest (at least I hope you are!). So, please help me and decide for me what I should wear at my best friend's wedding:
1. A long, traditional Dirndl – brown with little blue flowers and a pale pink apron
Pro: classic, long enough (there is nothing worse than those mini dirndl!!!)
Con: boring?


2. A shorter, modern interpretation of a Dirndl – made of denim with a bright pink silk apron
Pro: quirky, something special
Con: too causal?, too short?

Oh well, the decision is up to you. So please vote at the poll on the top left corner of this little blog. The poll will be open until the next wedding wednesday. So please take your time to make up your mind - if you need time to think and contemplate. But please do vote. Pleeeeeaaaasssseeeee! I really need your help. Desperately!!!


Anonymous said...

As I take it you happen to know the bride?
This means, you'd better ask her since it's HER day - not ours; not yours, sorry.

As to my former knowledge:
festive Dirndls are worn to mid calf lengths.
Since even traditional costumes are prone to some sort of fashion trends you might well be able to get away with the denim version.
Perhaps you could even add some additional separate sort of puff sleeves made of either or one of the already existing materials (denim body or pink apron)?
Even cheese-cloths sleeve add ons (+ lace?) and a tiny strip of the same lurking out over the chaining of the bodice could look nice by pretending the existence of a complete blouse without adding the bulk of it.

You know: like a band to gather curtains (triple gathering) for the top end with a very short bit of elastic hidden in the back (under arm) and a simple elastic gathering for the lower part?
Still,don't hesitate to ask the bride, please. Just visualize how you'd feel as bride if somebody so close around you for YOUR entire day wouldn't bother to add to her happiness.

Sorry; hurry up and don't forget to have fun as well,


Have a look into one of those huge Burda books in the shops where one tends to look up to order matching patterns.
I think you might even find a pic. showing what I mean.

oh-mimmi said...

Nimm dirndl 1 und mach Dir doch ein anderes Schürzerl dazu. Ich fände eine Seidenschürze oder eine weiße Btistschürze mit Spitzen festlicher. Und die Stoffe dazu bekommst Du auch in Berlin. Eine neue Schürze zu machen ist kein großer Aufwand, macht aber aus Deinem traditionellen, ein festlicheres Dirndl.


* Ninotschka * said...

@Linda: Sorry,I forgot to mention it, but of course I asked the bride first. Especially since she is going to wear a dirndl too, I didn't want to interfer with her colour scheme or style. The 'problem' is she said she liked both of them and hasnt' a preference for either one. That's why I am asking you ;-) You are completely right about the blouse, I will have a look into it.

* Ninotschka * said...

@Christel: Großartige Idee! Eine weiße Schürze mit Spitze fände ich besonders schön. Und dann noch die Bluse mit dem Spitzeneinsatz am Ärmel.

Ute said...

Definitiv Nr 1. Aber bitte mit Bluse, aber das hast du ja schon vor. Ich finde die Idee mit einer weißen Schürze klasse und damit bist du absolut hochzeitstauglich. Vielleicht findest du noch ein hübsches passendes Trachtentuch.

Gruß Ute

Christiane said...

ich würde auch Nr. 1 nehmen und eine andere Schürze dazunähen (das dürfte doch noch drin sein?).
Ich könnte mir auch eine leicht transparente, weisse Schürze vorstellen, die könntest Du mit weissen oder leuchtend blauen Bändern und Spitzen schön pimpen.
Evtl. auch eine ganz leichte (transparente?) Bluse dazu...
Ich habe am WE auf diversen Dirndl-Designer Seiten gesurft, transparente Schürzen sieht man da häufiger.
Viele Grüße,

* Ninotschka * said...

@Ute: Danke für die Verstärkung. Habe es gestern schon mal mit ner weißen Bluse und nem weißen Unterrock als Schürze simuliert und sah echt klasse aus.

@Christiane: Ja, ne Schürze kriege ich auch nach Mitternacht noch schnell hin ;-). Vor allem habe ich ja auch ein paar Modelle zum Abschauen. Das mit der transparenten Schürze finde ich ganz, ganz toll. Dann sieht das gleich edel aus. Bei welchen Dirndl-Designern hast du den gesurft?

Christiane said...

Puh, keine Ahnung.
Ich war am WE aus Versehen auf einer Dirndl Party gelandet (ich dachte so was gibt es nur im tiefsten Bayern, offensichtlich aber auch schon in Nordbayern!) und fand die vielen billig wirkenden Billigdirndl ganz schrecklich.
Da habe ich dann rein Interessehalber mal nach "Designerdirndl" gegoogelt... Da findest Du bestimmt noch ein paar Inspirationen, transparente Schürzen gab es viele.
Viele Grüße,

Anonymous said...

Oh great, the bride likes both versions.
In this case I'd rather go for option no. 2 (quirky one) despite the fact that some parts of Bavaria aren't quite easy "Kirschen essen" with ;-) !
Out here in OZ I usually tend to explain my sort of ingrained rudeness to them with the sentence of "Please don't judge the poor Germans wrong just because you ran into me. I'm coming from the very south where even the rest of Germany has got occasional problems with. As a general rule their every day language doesn't use common polite phrases as often as it's done especially in the English language. For an example: they might listen to a story of yours for quite some time and finally finishing approx. with the sentence of 'I think you're quite stupid and crazy but nevertheless come on and let's have a mug of beer'
That's Bavaria; SOME parts of it ;-) "

This explanation obviously helped already quite a few visiting tourists to get on with having a nice time over there whilst otherwise would admittedly have sulked in utter shock about something the like - which is quite unnecessary.

Have fun - whatever your decision. How do you actually intend to dress your husband ;-) :-) ?


As you probably noticed "Ei du spik Tschoermaen probably better saen Inglisch" :-)

* Ninotschka * said...

@Linda: Thanks so much for your lovely comments. Please go ahead and write in German or English or a mixture of it (that is what I speak best ;-))) Manchmal ist es wunderbar, dass die Deutsche eh den Ruf haben "rude" zu sein und keinen Spass zu verstehen. Mit dem Ruf kann man nur punkten ;-)