Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Double Baby Shower – The Day

Today we had N.’s twin baby shower. It was a wonderful, relaxed celebration. The sun was shining – despite predicted thunder storms. The twin-mum-to-be and the guest were all in a great mood. Kids were running around in the yard. We had a picnic with lots of yummy food.

We had bright decorations in pink and turquoise...

... and snowflakes on our cups (made from a snowflake punch and white address stickers).

I managed to finish my little photo albums in time:

We had a book full of great tips from experienced mums and lots of help vouchers, e.g. for home-cooked food, baby-sitting for half an hour so that mum can take a bath ... the bath salt for the relaxation bath.

In short – it was a great day!

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