Wednesday, June 8, 2011

here comes the bride... my favourite wedding blogs

I am currently working on this little blog of mine. To make it more interesting for you, dearest readers. There won’t be any major design changes. A) because I am not great at html. And B) because I like it simple. This gives the pictures more room to “pop”, don’t you think J

Anyway, I thought it is about time now that I show you my favourite blogs. The ones which I visit regularly if not daily. The once which brighten my day and fill me with inspiration.
Since my interests are so manifold, I will limit myself to my 5 favourite blogs in each category. And since it is wedding Wednesday today, here are my 5 favourite wedding blogs:
·         The Offbeat Bride: a site off the beaten wedding track, I love the stories, the photos, the ideas and the tone of this wedding site which is so different from the usual wedding business

·         A Practical Wedding: the motto of this site is: “weddings. minus the insanity. plus the marriage”, it offers wedding planning for ‘normal’ people,  and I tell you there are not too many normal people in the wedding planning business ;-)

·         Brooklyn Bride: pure eye candy, the most beautiful photos you can think of, many ideas are quite over-the-top, but that is what you need as inspiration

·         Jesse and Deanna: a blog about the wedding of Deanna and Jesse, the wedding is over, but the ideas and the heart-warming stories live on, start with their first post in 2007 and work your way towards their big day in 2008, you won’t regret it

·         Theresa heiratet: the story of a young woman who suddenly turns into a bride-to-be, she takes you dress-shopping, to her meeting with the priest, to her hens night and all the other parts of a wedding planning process, hilarious and soooo true, unfortunately in German only

I hope you enjoy a bit of wedding inspiration, nostalgia, kitsch, romanticism or porn, no matter whether you are newly-wed, a bride-to-be, married for ages or single.


Anonymous said...

Wunderbar kommt dein tolles Braut-Foto in der angenehm schlichten und werbefreien blogumgebung zur Geltung!!!
Dein Lächeln ist so zauberhaft und strahlt alles Glück der Erde aus!

* Ninotschka * said...

Vielen Dank, Wiebke ;-) Unsere Hochzeit war wirklich ein unvergesslich schoener Tag. Und mein Laecheln kommt immer zurueck, wenn ich daran denke