Friday, June 24, 2011

A Double Baby Shower – Food

I love parties! I love to go to parties! I love to throw them! I think there are many things to celebrate, not only birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and Easter. Therefore I now dedicated my Friday posts to parties: to creative party invitations, to easy-to-make party food, to party decorations that make all the difference...  I hope you feel inspired by the festive atmosphere on Fridays and celebrate many small and big events.

Party food for a baby shower? Piece of cake was my first reactions. Cupcakes, sweet fruits, iced or hot chocolate...
... aehm, but never say easy too early. The mum-of-twins-to-be was diagnosed with gestational diabetes  last week. Which means no fast carbohydrate for her. Which means no sugar, no white flour, very little wholegrain pasta, no sweet fruits... actually at first sight nothing which you really enjoy eating :-(
Uhmmm, first I was clueless what to offer her on her own baby shower, but then the girls and I got together and worked on a gestational diabetes menu. Sounds horrible, but I am pretty sure it will taste very yummy.
Here is what we are going to have:
picture found here
Sticks and dips
picture found here
Mini meatballs
picture found here
Fruit crumble (with wholegrain crumble)
picture found here
If you think about it and do some research for appropriate recipes, it isn’t that hard ;-)

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