Sunday, June 5, 2011

This is an Ad-free Space

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As you might have noticed this little blog of mine now has its own pet. A little owl. From now on she sits in the right top corner and just looks cute. Well, she does a little bit more than that. She wants to tell you that this blog is absolutely ad-free. I am not trying to sell you anything. I started this blog because I loved the idea of sharing ideas with other creative people all over the world. Because I think it is great how much inspiration and communication is provided by the internet for free. And following this definition I don’t have and never will have advertisement on my site.

To be honest, I have even removed some blogs from my reading list, because they changed from a lovely creative site to an ad-overflowing site without any heart and soul. I don’t want to say that every blog, who allows ads on its site is bad. I just decided that advertising has no room on my blog. Not that companies have bombarded me with ad-offers anyway. Well, there was this guy once, who offered to give me groomsmen ties for free. And another, who wanted to have me as Berlin ambassador for his video website. ;-)

I still might mention products or shops, designers or sellers, hotels or artists. But not because they give me a share of their profit, but because I like them. And if for some reason I don’t like them anymore or haven’t liked them in the first place, I will tell you as well. That is called independence. Neutrality. Or lack of ambition. Whatever you want to call it, I am happy to blog for pleasure and not for a living. And I hope you enjoy it ;-) That’s all! No strings attached. No economy. No hidden agenda. I love the idea of doing something just for fun. For free. Even if it might be a utopia for many.

So please enjoy this ad-free space. And my little pet owlet!

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