Sunday, April 17, 2011

Micro-Makeover: Balcony – The Details

After showing you the big picture of my new balcony yesterday, I want to ‘zoom in‘ on some details today. In case you want to ‘steal’ an idea or two. Or in case you are as short-sighted as I am ;-)

1 Bought: Rattan chairs from IKEA (EUR 20 each)

2 Me-Made: Cushion covers (made of this wonderful green-turquoise fabric, back and seat cushions used as pattern, no fastener used just overlapping pieces of fabric on the bottom)

3 Me-Made: Covers for folding chairs (again made of the ‘signature’ fabric, single layer of fabric with a hem on both sides and a Velcro fasting on the bottom, so that it can be taken off for washing)
4 Bought: Turquoise-white plastic rug from house doctor (reduced to EUR 20)

5 Bought: Turquoise solar-powered paper lantern string from IKEA (EUR 15)
6 Bought: Turquoise net canopy from Domaene (EUR 8.99) - to prevent my little one from throwing her toys down to the court yard 6 stories below, Wiebke ;-)
7 Bought: Herb plants (EUR 1 each) - and there are more herbs sowed in the other flower boxes, so unfortunately we don't have space for turquoise flowers, Christiane ;-)

8 Bought: Green-white-turquoise planting bag from IKEA (EUR 0.50)

Total amount spent: EUR 87.46

So right within the budget of EUR 100, which I have set myself as limit for a micro-makeover ;-) For me this makeover is worth every cent, however, because now I feel like having a summer cabin right next to my living room ;-)

There are still some projects left which I still haven’t managed to do, but I will tell you about them once they are finished and ready to be shown. Now I am off to my little summer retreat for a cool beer!

Hope you had a nice, productive or lazy, spring or autumn (if you live down under or somewhere else on the southern hemisphere) weekend!!!


Christiane said...

Oh, die Kräuter hatte ich übersehen, offensichtlich gehöre ich doch langsam zu den short-sighted ;-). Die sind sogar drei Dinge auf einmal - schön, lecker und gesund!!!
lg, Christiane

Anonymous said...

Ah, ich erinnere mich. Wir haben eine gemauerte Balkonbrüstung. Aber selbst da flog manchmal was drüber. Ist nur schon ein paar Jahre her! Jetzt hat der Große schon Pubertät.....