Saturday, April 9, 2011

Micro-Makeover: Balcony Before

I love before -&-after-stories. No matter whether it is a person who gets a makeover (hair, make-up, fashion), a piece of furniture, a room or a whole apartment. I don’t care whether it is my style or my budget, I am just fascinated by the change that can be achieved in a relatively short amount of time, with relatively little effort. The only problem is, often these magic transformations go hand in hand with a huge budget (which I don’t have). Therefore I invented the Micro-Makeover. This is a teeny-weeny makeover. One with a tiny budget, but with lots of creative energy. I hope it inspires you to get started and change something for the better.

Spring is not only around the corner. It is here. For good. And now I really have to turn my attention to my little balcony. It has been neglected so far, since we moved into our apartment when it was already too cold to sit outside. So we focussed our attention on the interior and just ignored that there was ‘something out there’. Now, however, the sun is shining more days than not. The temperature is rising and I really feel like taking my morning coffee outside. Except that it looks like this at the moment:

Oh well, these are the nasty before shots. And at least the view is nice. Lots of sky. Lots of air. Lots of light. Only few ugly buildings. But the balcony itself – you see, lots to do. Thus I decided to spend this weekend turning it into a city beach balcony. A place on which you actually love to spend time.

I did some shopping today and I have some great ideas, but so far there is nothing I can show you. So, please be patient. I hope to present the amazing after shots tomorrow evening. But now I have to quit and start sewing the cushion covers.

Enjoy your Saturday night!


Paula said...

Oh, du machst es ja spanned!
Bin schon neugierig, wie du das Umstyling deines Balkons umsetzen wirst...
Ich muss meinen auch dringend angehen - hab nur dieses Wochenende ein anderes Projekt... aber nächstes Wochenende beginnen hier die Osterferien für uns Lehrer und dann werd ich auch zur Tat schreiten.

Christiane said...

Also der Blick ist wirklich toll - ich bin mal auf das Endergebnis gespannt. Eigentlich mag ich nämlich kleine Stadtbalkone sehr gerne, auch wenn ich nicht mehr mit unserem Garten tauschen möchte... (Der Vorteil ist, man hat trotzdem Frühling, auch wenn die Pötte und Balkonkästen hier auch noch völlig unbepflanzt stehen ;-))).

* Ninotschka * said...

Ach, Girls. Tut mir ja leid, dass ich euch noch etwas hinhalten muss. Aber auch auf einem kleinen Balkon ist echt viel zu tun. Aber naechstes Wochenende kann ich euch bestimmt was Schoenes zeigen.