Saturday, April 16, 2011

Micro-Makeover: Balcony – The Big Picture

Tata... today I am finally able to show you how my balcony looks after my micro-makeover. Just a short reminder – this is how it looked before...

... and now it looks like this:

Much better, isn’t it? I love it so much now that want to spend all my time outside, reading a book during the day, chatting and drinking a beer with my husband in the evening and doing a BBQ with friends on the weekend.

I am really surprised how much I even like the green balustrade now. In the beginning I had no idea what to do with it. Green is not my colour – neither in fashion nor in decoration. Since we live in a rented apartment with lots of similar balconies, however, painting the balustrade was not an option. I thought of covering it, but I also didn’t want to block the view. And then the whole dilemma was solved when I looked through my fabric stash and found this fabric which I have bought at IKEA years ago:

It was the solution to all my problems because it combines green and one of my favourite colours turquoise in such a beautiful way. So green-turquoise the colour scheme would be and the rest miraculously fell into place. I have so many turquoise pieces for decoration, which I all bought while we lived in Australia. So having these on my balcony doesn’t just look nice, for me they will also remind me of my ‘second hometown’ Melbourne all the time. They really add to my mid-city Berlin balcony a splash of Aussie lifestyle and interior design. Because since the climate is so pleasant in Australia, people put much more thought and effort in the planning, building, furnishing and decoration of their ‘outdoor spaces’ (auf Deutsch: Garten, Balkon, Terrasse, Loggia etc.). They make them stylish and most of all liveable. Well, most of them anyway. Of course doggy backyards full of rubbish exist as well ;-)

So that was the big picture of my new balcony. More on the details tomorrow.

Enjoy your evening!


Christiane said...

Schön! Jetzt fehlen nur noch ein paar türkise Geranien ;-))
Nein, ehrlich, das sieht total gemütlich aus, vor allem der Teppich ist super - bei uns krabbeln die kids immer auf den Pflastersteinen. Aber ein paar Blümchen fehlen mir doch (könnten auch weisse sein...).
LG und geniesse das schöne Wochenende auf dem Balkon,

PS: und danke für die Blueberry-Muffins, ich überlege ernsthaft die "in Rhabarber" nachzubacken!

Anonymous said...

Toll, wie du mit relativ wenig Aufwand so eine Wirkung erzielt hast. Ein bißchen St. Kilda-feeling in Berlins Mitte....Ist das Gitter mit türkiser Gardine verkleidet?
Wünsche euch (natürlich ganz uneigennützig) Traum-Balkon-Wetter.
LG aus Kreuzberg