Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter – part II

Oh I couldn’t resist when I saw those egg colours. They reminded me so much of my childhood when we used to colour tons of eggs the night before Easter Sunday. We usually celebrated with lots of other families in our holiday house in Austria and then all worked together in the big kitchen to create the most beautiful Easter eggs ever. Year after year. We boiled them. We decorated them with wax or fresh leaves. We coloured them. We rubbed them with a piece of ‘speck’ to add extra shine. It really was a bit like a Easter bunny lab. We were so proud of them and eating them the next morning was almost a minor matter.

This year it will be only my lovely husband, my little one and me, but still I have to spend tonight preparing (way too many) colourful eggs for tomorrow morning.

Hope you are enjoying your personal Easter traditions as well!


toadstooldots said...

:-) My mum sent me just these colours to Sydney so we had wonderful colourful eggs today. I only couldn't get white eggs.

Hope you had a great easter egg hunt!

* Ninotschka * said...

Yes I also found it surprisingly difficult to find white eggs. Are white-laying chicken going to be extinct soon? Are we forced to live with more subdue Easter eggs from now on? Anyway, hope the Easter bunny left lots of little surprises for you on the beach!