Monday, April 18, 2011

5-Minute Nap Project: Decorated Toys Box

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I love to look at beautiful nurseries. I adore rooms which show in every aspect that someone has put a lot of tough, passion and love into decorating them.

But let’s face it – reality is quite different, if you don’t have an interior designer or tons of money. Especially if you are a mum and your little one doesn’t sleep for hours during the day. I heart that those babies exist, but I have never come across one in real life ;-)

Anyway, although my little one hasn’t got an own room, but has to share one with me, I still want her to develop a sense of “that’s mine”. And since I share a room with her, I want her things to look beautiful to me as well. Which is something that is not always easy to achieve, if you think of all the hideous plastic toys, the pink princess-like decorations and the like.

So here is my first 5-Minute Nap Project – a decorated toys box

All you need is:
  • a box with a lid (mine was from IKEA Slugis for 4.99EUR + 1.50 for the lid)
  • a roll of broad sticky tape with beautiful decorations (mine was from IDEE for 0.99EUR)
  • scissors
  • baby wipes (wet and dry)
  • a baby that naps for 5 minutes
And then ready – steady – go:

Minute 1: Clean box with wet baby wipes (or other cleaning wipes) so that the box is free of oil and other dirt, dry off with the dry baby wipes (or tissues or paper towel or towel)

Minute 2: stick the decorative tape onto the box, make sure that it has the same distance towards the top and bottom of the box (if you like it neat) or just stick it freestyle onto the first side (if you like creative chaos)

Minute 3: cut the tape on each corner of the first of side (if your box has rounded, non 90-degree corners like mine had), try to find a gap in the decoration of the tape and cut there to make it look super-professional (otherwise don’t worry about the corner too much) – repeat the same for the remaining 3 sides

Minute 4: put toys into the box

Minute 5: play, because I guess your baby is awake by now (mine would be anyway)

Of course a beautiful nursery might need a bit more than just a box. But you could decorate a couple of them over a couple of naps. And I will definitely show you more 5-minute-nap-project soon. So watch this space :-)

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