Friday, April 8, 2011

Cupcake Party – Doyleys Garland

I love parties! I love to go to parties! I love to throw them! I think there are many things to celebrate, not only birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and Easter. Therefore I now dedicated my Friday posts to parties: to creative party invitations, to easy-to-make party food, to party decorations that make all the difference... I hope you feel inspired by the festive atmosphere on Fridays and celebrate many small and big events.

Yo might have already seen my paper lace doyley garland in front of my window, but today I want to show you how easy and quick it is to make.

All you need is: paper lace doyleys (mine were 4.5’’), a sewing machine, contrasting (or matching) thread, sticky tape

Basically all you need to do is feed the paper doyleys carefully through your sewing machine. I used a zigzag stitch but you also use a straight stitch. Leave a bit of space between the doyleys because otherwise they will be exactly next to each other and I think it looks more like a garland with a bit of space between them. Add doyleys until you have the desired lengths of the garland. Cut the treat and hang onto the wall or window using sticky tape. The garland is so lightweight that sticky tape will hold several meters of garland.

That’s it. Including hanging it takes 10 minutes max. Which leaves you more time for other decorations, for preparing food and drinks or for dressing up.;-)


Christiane said...

Coole Idee!!

* Ninotschka * said...

Danke! ;-)))