Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beautiful things gone wrong

On Wednesdays I share everything wedding with you: tips, projects, organisation, photos, faux-pas, fun things and golden rules I ‘learned’ from my own wedding. I feel I need to give something back to the fabulous blog community who helped me stay sane and enjoy every second of my ‘big day’.
* * *

One of my favourite wedding presents were these balloons.

Originally the friend who gave them to us planned to give one balloon to every guest, everyone would write a wish for us onto a postcard and attach it to the balloon and then we would all send them to the sky. That was the plan, anyway. The problem was that the ropes of the balloons got tangled so badly that there was no chance to ever separate them again. So in the end, Andi and I sent two huge clouds of balloons to the sky. Which looked absolutely beautiful. And which worked despite the considerable weight of each balloon cloud. And I think this is just one example of how amazing it can be when something goes wrong at a wedding.

So, please relax all brides-to-be and maid-of-honours-to-be! I promise you that no matter how well you plan the wedding and no matter how often you double-check. There will be things that ‘go wrong’ on the day. That is inevitably! All you can do is shrug it off, laugh about it (if you can) and just keep on enjoying your special day.

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