Friday, April 29, 2011

The biggest wedding party...

... of the year - or the decade - just started. William and Kate are married. Of course I watched it on TV! I still remember the wedding of Diana and Charles – mainly because our black-and-white TV broke down right in the middle of the ceremony and we had to run to grandma’s house to watch the finish. This time the TV did okay, the bride looked stunning, the groom looked, well military (I am just not into uniforms :-(), there were tons of celebrities, TV cameras, a bit of sunshine, white horses and a carriage. What a wedding!

I am glad, however, that is wasn’t mine. That my lovely isn’t a prince. That we could decided what we wanted (and what not) without a queen in the background and tons of strict royal traditions. That our wedding was relaxed, intimated and not broadcasted and watched around the world. I simply don’t want to be a princess. Or a queen. I don’t want my face on flags, coins, collectors’ plates and every magazine on earth.

Nevertheless, all the best to the happy couple!

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