Sunday, July 17, 2011

Party Weekend Part II – A Fish Themed Baby Shower

Although it is not Party Friday, I still want to share the beautiful party that we have today. My friend A. is expecting her first baby in September and we throw her a baby shower today. As with N.’s twin baby shower a couple of weeks ago, we decided to make our own party rules and forget about cheesy games and nappy cakes. 
A fish themed baby shower – what the hell, you might ask. The simple reason is that my friend A. calls the little baby in her tummy Guppy. I think it is such a cute name. And it is perfect, because they do look like guppies on the first ultrasound pictures, don’t them? Anyway, the theme was guppies and once we got over the first ‘I-have-no-idea-what-to-do-with-guppies’, our creativity exploded.
Here are a few of the guppy things which we thought of, made or put together:
Presents: Onesies with guppies printed on them – I just bought the oh-so-practical kimono-style onesies, which you can easily put on and off the baby without having to pull them over their precious little heads (which all babies really hate!) and printed some guppy pictures which I found online onto them. I used T-Shirt transfer sheets which you just iron onto the onesies. And if you have ironed them properly (quite hot and with lots of pressure), the pictures survive a lot of washings.
A Bag full of Advice: Little notes of advice and little things that make life as a mum so much easier. Well there is no guppy on the bag, but giraffes are just so cute (remember my giraffe obsession) and we didn’t want to stick crazily to the guppy theme.
My little things were: gel breast cooling pads and pure lanolin cream, because those two things truly saved my nipples from bleeding and me from dreading breastfeeding.
My little notes of advice were: regarding baby language (Dunstan baby language ), about sound of hair dyer or vacuum cleaner being relaxing for little babies (or at least for my little one), about looking after yourself as well (because happy mum = happy baby) and about making as many photos as possible (because time flies and you never get around to do ‘proper’ photos and therefore you will be eternally grateful for all those happy snaps you have got).
Decorations: Shiny sequined guppies hung up on the walls with fishing tackle ;-))

Location: Since the weatheri is nice we celebrate at the garden of the mum-to-be’s parents. They have a beautiful pool so it was perfect for our ‘guppy party’ ;-)

I am off to some last minute decorations now. I hope to share some more pictures with you later on. Keep your fingers crossed that the thunderstorms wait until tonight!

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