Friday, July 8, 2011

Tutorial - Colourful Eye Candy

I cannot believe it - yesterday I found this wonderful picture of a cocktail umbrella lantern that left me (and Christiane ;-)) thinking how to make one ourselves.

And today I found a how to video on Etsy. That is really just-in-time delivery ;-)

Here it is:

Just for you, Christiane ;-) I am sure it will also work perfectly with your old Sisal lamp shade.
From now on I will save all my cocktail umbrellas from sundaes, cocktails and the likes as well and make one myself. I hope I can finish this project this year, since I am not a great consumer of cocktails and sundaes ;-)


toadstooldots said...

fantastic tute, thanks for sharing!

Christiane said...

Oh wie cool ist das denn?! So ähnlich hätte ich es auch probiert, aber die Papierlampe ist natürlich einfacher. IK*A ich komme!!
Vielen Dank und liebe Grüße,

* Ninotschka * said...

Ich will unbedingt Fotos von euren Eisschirmlampen sehen ;-)