Sunday, July 10, 2011

Swapping Sunday

Today my friend C. Invited me and a couple of her other friends to a swapping party. I have heart about swapping parties during my time in Australia, but I have actually never been to a swapping party before. For all of you who haven’t been to one either, I am going to explain it quickly. It goes like this:

You take some clothes which you don’t want to wear anymore to the party... meet a lot of other fashion-crazy girls with their pre-loved clothes... try on what they brought... hand out what you sorted out... and in the best case you come home with a lot of ‘new’ clothes that you love and got rid of a lot of clothes which you don’t love anymore.... and you have paid nothing – nada – niente.

That’s the theory I thought and to be honest I wasn’t really convinced of this concept... what if all the  other girls wear tiny sizes, what if they only bring rubbish, what if no one wants my ‘dead articles’...
... but...
... in reality it was wonderful! I had a fun time (we had cake and bubbly before we got started on the fashion business), I met some really nice girls (friends of friends), I got great fashion advice (Why don’t you try this small belt with the grey dress?), we laughed a lot (about fashion and other things), we could try things on in the living room (as opposed to a tiny smelly change room)...

... and I swapped
a) a skirt which never really fitted me (what was I thinking buying a skirt this skinny?)
b)a blouse which was way too middle-class for me for

and c) a black tunic with quillings which made me look pregnant forever

picture found here

1) a dress that looks like the one that Angelina Jolie wore in The Tourist
2) a pair of very sophisticated black linen trousers
3) a white V-neck pullover.

I still cannot believe my luck. And surprisingly all other girls were equally happy with their swaps. Sure, there were some things that no one looked good in (what a relief, it is the dress/ shirt/... not me) and some things that were just hideous (this green just looks like something for a ranger), but we had a good laugh and that is what fashion should be to me – fun.

So I am a convert now. I love swapping parties and will organise one myself soon. Because how on earth should I get rid of this ranger-green jacket otherwise ;-)


toadstooldots said...

May be you will need that ranger green jacket in your new little lake house (because in the pics it looks like a forest hide away), so don't put it too far away ;-)

Sounds like a lot of fun that swap party and that new house looks pretty awesome. Wish you a lovely summer there!

* Ninotschka * said...

Very true! I think the ranger-green jacket actually was made for the little holiday house. Thanks so much for reminding me. I think I haven't fully realised that I have a house ;-)))

Anonymous said...

grin grin grin - your latest aquisation of real estate WILL sink in fast and at times even a tad painful .
Reason: torn by the feelings of wanting to be in either or; fed up being on the road traveling between them. Yet with quite a lot of positive blessings as well - enjoy.
I presume right that you don't want neither a wallaby nor a possum to enrichen your life there :-) :-) :-) ?!
Despite the fact, that I'd give them for absolutely free to you?! (maybe even pay on top to get rid of them ;-) !)

Kiss kiss/LG (just learnt 'LG' is 'out' ;-) !
Ah, well, than let's be flexible and use the Austrian greeting version which might be valid till ....? ;-)

slightly envious due to her own Veggies surviving only in the chook pen. Means: aaall animals outside of it.

Concerning 'green jacket': if not ever useful for yourself than any recycable/swapp-able with somebody 'Bavarian' ?

* Ninotschka * said...

Actually I would LOVE to be greeted by a wallaby or a possum in my new summer house.
I know they are a pest down under, but believe me once they have vanished from your live, you'll miss them.