Friday, July 1, 2011

Beautiful Birmingham

At the beginning of each month I want to show you places where I’d rather be at that very moment. As you know I am constantly either travelling or dreaming of travelling and I want to share my favourite bars, restaurants, hotels, cities and countries around the world with you. And I am looking for your recommendations for my next trips.
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I know beautiful might not be the first word that comes to mind when you think about Birmingham. Nevertheless I found it surprisingly beautiful when I had to go there for a number of business trips. What I really like about is that it is so unpretentious, yet there have beautiful architecture, beautiful restaurants, a beautiful pedestrian area which is perfect for shopping, beautiful coffee shops and this beautiful hotel (although the website is horrible!)
The Hotel du Vin itself, however, is a classic design hotel. Simple and sophisticated, a historical house with all the modern luxuries you can think off. It is also a perfect example for the fact that little things can make all the difference:

How nice is it to have a range of really nice glossy magazines in the room? And not only the standard hotel  brochures or the advertising folders of the city you stay in.
And how sweet is this little reminder which invites you to take the lovely shower product home with you? Come-on everybody does that. And they don’t cost the earth, do they?
And how yummy is this sweet and savoury assortment of snacks above the mini bar? Yes they are expensive, but so are the standard Mars bars which you usually find in the mini bar. And they are just for emergencies in the middle of the night anyway ;-)
Don't you wanna go there straight away?

Where: Hotel du Vin & Bistro Birmingham,  Church Street, Birmingham B3 2NR, UK
Phone: (0044)0121 200 0600 , email:

 Highlight: all those little nice things that make your stay just special

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