Saturday, July 16, 2011

Today was my first ‘real’ kids birthday. Meaning the first one that I organised. I threw a little backyard party for my goddaughter who turns 2 in a month and since her mum is expecting twins who are due around the same time, we thought we better prepone the kids’ party so that the little one can celebrate with her friends and her mum ;-)

The most important things I learned today were:
  • you don’t need to prepare any games for 2-year-olds if you have a huge sandpit and see-saw in your backyard. That keeps them entertained for hours
  • all young-parents want at a kids’ party is strong coffee – forget about beer and diet coke, those days are gone
  • the birthday girl (or boy) always cries – no matter what you do. It is always too much attention. Too many other kids playing with her/ his new toys. It was like this when I was little and it hasn’t changed a bit.
  • water balloons are not just small balloons – first they are impossible to inflate and then they are impossible to fasten with a knot
  • at the end of a kids birthday you need a beer and the last piece of cherry cake. And that is what I am going to have now.
Hope you had a wonderful Saturday as well!

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