Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 retrospective

January: My new beginning – starting this blog

February: My last summer birthday – no beach party but no snow either

March: My last camping trip – the most beautiful national park in Australia

April: My big break – no work, just preparing and waiting for my little one

May: My greatest joy – my adorable daughter is born

June: My big change – starting life as a family

July: My big goodbye – to Australia, to Melbourne, to my friends, to friendly people, to wonderful weather and amazing beaches

August: My big hello – to Germany, to Berlin, to family and friends, to grumpy people, to average weather and green forests

September: My new home – centrally located, high above the city and with a great view

October: My greatest sorrow– my beloved granny dies

November: My new wonder – the first snow in 3 years

December: My new tradition – Christmas with my extended family

How was your year? What was your greatest joy? What your biggest hello?

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