Monday, December 13, 2010

Pressies for the little ones

Every Monday I will post something related to babies: inspiration, craft projects, baby news, and discoveries I have made in this new and exciting world for me. I hope you come along on that rollercoaster ride with me.
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With Christmas just around the corner, my mailbox is filled with toy catalogues every day. Fortunately my little one is still too little to grab them and turn them into wish lists. Nevertheless today I had a closer look at one of them and recognised that there are presents, which I love, which I would like to buy straight away, which I am so looking forward to play with, ... and there are those, which I don’t like, which I find absolutely stupid, boring and unbearable to look at.

To start with the pleasant ones – these are the toys I look forward to:

And these are the toys, which I dread:

I am afraid, however, that my little one will love the ones I dread the most. Or at least that is what happened when I was a child. ;-)

So here are the toys, which my mum dreaded and which I absolutely loved:

All pictures found here and here

Oh well, I am glad that my little one won’t give me a wish list this year. I need more time to prepare myself for this ;-)

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