Saturday, December 4, 2010

St.Barbara Day

Am Tage von Sankt Barbara,
da geht das Jahr zur Neige.
Dann trag ins Haus von fern und nah,
die kahlen Kirchbaumzweige.
Am Tage von Sankt Barbara
stell Zweige in die Zimmer.
Dann lacht zur Weihnacht, hier und da,
ein weißer Blütenschimmer.
(James Kruess)

There is a tradition in Germany, which I find adorable and also a bit absurd. Remember it is in the middle of winter in Germany, but according to this tradition you have to cut cherry branches and put them into a vase. If you do this on the 4th of December, there will be cherry blossoms on Christmas Eve. Isn't this a lovely image – cherry blossoms inside, snow outside. Well, I haven’t tried it, yet, but this year I will and I will keep you updated ;-)

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