Monday, December 20, 2010

10 catastrophes when baking cookies with your kids

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Today I want to share a hilarious list that I read in the paper the other day. Here are the 10 catastrophes when baking cookies with your kids:

1. Der Dreijährige will das Ei aufschlagen - es landet daneben (The 3-year-old wants to crack the egg – and it doesn’t hit the target)

2. Die Vierjährige verknetet per Hand Puderzucker und Wasser (The 4-year-old mixes water and icing sugar with his hands)

3. Geschwister streiten unter Einsatz einer Packung Mehl (Siblings are fighting using a bag of flour)

4. Kreatives Ausstechen führt zu kopflosen Engeln (The creative use of the cookie cutters results in headless angels)

5. Mitten im Kneten: "Jetzt hab ich keine Lust mehr zu backen" (In the middle of the kneading: “Now I don’t want to bake anymore.”)

6. Die Plätzchen verbrennen, weil aus dem Bad "Abputzen" geschrien wird (The cookies burn because someone cries “I need help” from the bathroom)

7. 500g Zuckerstreusel pro Blech machen die Plätzchen ungenießbar (500g of sugar sprinkles per tray makes the cookies uneatable)

8. Die Reinigung der Küche kommt einer Renovierung gleich (The cleaning of the kitchen equals a renovation)

9. Das Kind muss sich übergeben, weil es zu viel Teig genascht hat (A child has to throw up because it has eaten to much dough)

10. Die Frage danach: "Mama, backen wir bald mal wieder?"(In the end, the question: “Mama, when do we bake again?”)

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Oh dear, and I have such fond memories of baking Christmas cookies with my mum. Although I do remember some of these situations. Sorry, mum ;-)

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