Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Cards – Part II

Yes, I know, Christmas is over. After all the excitement and the anticipation the three Christmas days passed as quickly as any three days during the year – if not even quicker.

Therefore I didn’t manage to share my Christmas card with you until now. Well, to be honest, I haven’t shared it with most of my friends either ;-) The reason is simple and probably very common: we just haven’t managed to take photos pre-Christmas. Therefore we decided to use photos we took on Christmas Eve and send them out post-Christmas, pre-NYE. I think that counts as “Christmas cards send”. Especially since I am not sending mass emails but individual ones.

So but now without anything further, ...


... here is our Christmas card:

Like us it is a bit blurry, a bit fidgety, a bit fun, a bit love, a bit crazy and a bit silly.

Not exactly what I planned. Nothing like here. But I still LOVE it. So, merry Christmas one last time ;-)

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