Thursday, December 9, 2010

Little Christmas surprise

Giving is one of my favourite things! Really! Not only around Christmas. I just love to choose presents for people I love. And I love the expression on people’s faces when they receive a present – excitement, surprise and hopefully joy. Priceless! Sometimes even better than receiving a present.

Anyway, since my Christmas budget is a bit limited this year, but I still wanted to put a smile on a lot of faces, I came up with this little Christmas surprise for my former work colleagues. I know, it is not unique. I know, it is not expensive. I know, the cookies are even bought (and not homemade). I know... but I tell you what. They did the trick. Because they came as a surprise. On this ordinary Thursday. Delivered to the office desk by my little Santa’s helper. Because everyone with a stressful job, needs a bit of sugar every now and then. Because it put this priceless Christmas expression on their faces ;-)

That is what you need from your local supermarket or chocolate shop: Lebkuchen, Marzipankartoffeln, Spekulatius, Dominosteine and Zuckerkringel

This is my homemade packaging – plain plastic bags, silver twine and tags (made out of cardboard with a punched star-hole and a stamped ‘ho ho ho’ on one side and our names on the other)

And that is how the finished little Christmas surprise looks.

Enjoy the giving! And this hopefully not so ordinary Thursday.

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