Friday, January 15, 2010

Passion No 6 – reading

I ♥ reading.

Fiction. Clever thriller in particular. Non-fiction. Scientific books. Novels. Poems. Love letters. Historical books. Travel diaries. Travel guides. Cook books. Craft books. Guide books. Children books. Magazines and and and ...

So my plan is to introduce my TOP 5 favourite readings to you. One category per month. Revealed every 15th of the month. My personal book lovers' club.

Today I start with my favourite category of all – clever thrillers. With limited blood, but lots of brain, with lots of twists and turns and likable heroes. And since I have read so many thrillers that I couldn’t even decide on my top 50 favourites, here are

My 5 Favourite Thriller Writers:

  • Sujata Massey – her heroine Rei Shumura is constantly caught between her American and Japanese heritage, between her heart and her intelligence – for me reading her stories, feels like a short trip to Japan

           (available in German and English )
  • Dick Francis – a former jockey, who had to quit riding after a mysterious accident with his horse and then started to write thrillers in the equitation world, incredible suspenseful and full of twists, I have never been able to guess the murderer before the very last page, every of his books takes you in the (for me) unknown world of horses and races. He wrote about 25 stories and yes, I have read them all ;-)

          (in German and in English)
  • Agatha Christie – the grande dame of thrillers, sometimes a bit old-fashioned but very charming and full of surprises, my favourite film adaptation of Miss Marple are the ones with Margaret Rutherford – hilarious!

          (in German and English)
  • Donna Leon – I find the adventures of her Commissario Brunetti are always intoxicating and they transport you to Venice in an instant, I think at the moment the last book I read was no 16 and there is no sign of repetition

          (available in German or English)

  • Yrsa Sigurdardottir – my latest discovery, I have just read two books of the series, but I am totally addicted, these are one of the books which you read in one night, you just cannot stop until the murderer is found

             (in German and English

So, I hope you found some inspiration for your next trip to the bookstore or Amazon spending spree. ;-)

Now, please help me with my insatiable hunger for new thriller:

               => What are YOUR favourite 5 thrillers?

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