Saturday, January 2, 2010


When I start reading a new blog, I always go to the ‘About Me’ section first. Because I am so interested in finding out a bit more about the blogger. Male or female? Girl or woman? Where from? Job? Hobbies?

I actually began discovering blogs, when I got engaged. The whole wedding thing was a completely new world for me. And I couldn’t wait to find out as much as possible about it. Otherwise how are you supposed to make decisions for your own ‘big day’? So I got online, googled wedding and found my first wedding blog. I cannot even remember which one it was, but from there on I was sucked in. I followed one link upon link, from blogroll to blogroll, I saved my favourites and quickly moved on with the ones, who weren’t after my fancy. I read and read, I looked at millions of pictures and collected trillions of ideas and pieces of advice. I learnt so much: about weddings, about blogs, about people. I will definitely share my favourite wedding websites and blogs and maybe also some of my wedding photos with you at some point.

Not now, however, because I think it is now really about time to introduce myself properly ;-) Like in the old friendship books (“Freundebuecher”) we used to keep in primary school ;-) Do you know what a friendship book is? Maybe this is a very German thing? Anyway, here is my information page:

Name Nina

Pet name although I have a multitude of pet names, Ninotschka is my favourite. Because it sounds exotic and affectionate. Thanks D. for giving me this name – I love it! It also reminds me of the gorgeous movie with Greta Garbo, with whom I share a passion for crazy hats.

pictures from here

And that’s why my blog is called Ninotschka. Pretty straightforward, hmmm?
Age 33 almost 34
Hair colour brown
Eye colour brown
Size 1,76cm (I think – but I haven’t been sized in a decade at least)
... animal penguins
... quote “Shoot for the moon! Even if you miss you will land among the stars.”
... number 13

That’s it for today. More about my family – tomorrow. See you then ;-)

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