Tuesday, January 12, 2010

12 on the 12th

12 on the 12th – what is that? It is a great blog campaign initiated by Caro , a wonderful crafter and blogger from Germany.

The rules are simple. On the 12th of each month all you have to do is take a lot photos throughout your day. Then in the evening choose 12 pictures and post them on your blog. To show others what you have been up to on that day. To share your joys, your finds, your routine, your surprises, your disappointment. Great idea, isn’t it? So if you want to join this great campaign, just sign up here

On a hot day, all I want for breakfast is Muesli in ice-cold milk and a glass for fruit smoothie. Pineapple-Orange-Mango it is today. Yummie!

Quick news check. Thank God - no bush fire catastrophes in Victoria! Melbourne is sizzling hot though. 43 degree yesterday, more than 30 degrees last night and 37 degree predicted for today. No wonder that I didn’t really slept well.

Our air-conditioning broke down before Christmas and the first attempt by the service to fix it failed.So Andi and I try our best to keep cool – lots of cold drinks, a hand fan and a spraying devices for plants filled with cold water. Doesn’t work wonders!

The service team was here again. Success this time! They were able to fix the airconditioning after checking everything, changing several parts and sweating in our small apartment. So hurray for Rodney and our working air conditioner! It makes such a difference!

With the air-conditioner finally doing its job, I go on a quick shopping tour to our local Carlisle Street. These guys are the latest addition to the one of the many graffiti walls. Don’t they look cool?

I have to get some accessories for a friend’s hen’s night on the weekend. I start in my favourite shop: Astoria Paper Works. They have all types of tableware, plastic containers, dress-up and kids’ party supplies.

As always I find everything I need and much more. 24 massive fake diamond rings, a tiara for the bride-to-be, balloons and crafting material.

My trip to the supermarket is less exciting and joyful. Nevertheless I manage to find a new baby project – a pretty plain wet wipe box for the nappy bag, which absolutely needs some customising.

Et voila. 10 minutes later. With a piece of adhesive foil. Much better, isn’t it?

Checking my emails I find a request from a former colleague. She wants me to quote for a quite big job. Just what I need. How exciting! Freelancing is really an up and down and this definitely sounds like an up.

It rains! Finally! The temperature drops by the second. Wonderful!

A fresh salad is just perfect for dinner tonight. Afterwards I will pretty much head straight to bed. A good book is waiting for me and I also have some sleep to catch up on.

Thanks for watching and see you next month!


Cookie Queen said...

Hey Nina, nice blog! Found you through 12 of 12, I've just finished mine, too.
Unbelievable that you have summer right now, in Germany, we have lots and lots of snow right now!

myriam kemper said...

Hi Nina,
nice pics do you have!
Thank you for sharing - and it´s just unbelievable that you have such high temperatures, here we have -3°C :-)

Greetings from myriam.

seifenmacherin said...

Hallo Nina!
Nice to see what going on in Australia. In Vienna (Austria) we don´t have much snow, but it´s pretty cold!
I wish it was summer here also!

Best wishes Ursl

* Ninotschka * said...

Wow, it is so nice to see that much snow. Believe it or not after three years without any snow at all I desperately miss it. I think I always will be a Bavarian girl no matter what ;-)

Fast alles weiß... said...

Hello Ninotschka! Should I send some snow from Hamburg to you??? We have lots of...
Nice pictures!

Best wishes

PS: What a cute name!

* Ninotschka * said...

Oh ja, etwas Erfrischung waere nett und ihr habt ja mehr als genug davon dieses Jahr ;-)