Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My first day at work

The first day in a new job always feels like the first day at school to me. You don’t know the other people. You don’t know who is going to sit next to you. What the teacher will be like. Whether you will find friends quickly or not. You don’t know the place. You don’t know where your desk will be. You don’t know exactly what is expected from you. What you should do straight away. What you should avoid altogether. It is extremely exciting!!!!

Anyway, my first day at school aehm work today was good. My colleagues are nice. My boss is also nice. I got my own desk in a sunny office. I have a phone and the computer will be set up hopefully tomorrow. I got my first project. I have a to-do-list for tomorrow. I am back on solid ground.

And my little one also feels comfortable. I got lots of happy kicks from her today.

Life is good.

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