Wednesday, January 13, 2010

13 – my favourite number

I ♥ 13

I know a lot of people think 13 is an unlucky number. Not me, tough. Nothing bad ever happened to me on a 13th. On the contrary, a lot of good things happened to me on 13ths.

Firstly, I was born on a 13th – almost at 13 o’clock actually. And I think I am a very lucky person.

My Andi was also born on a 13th and he is also a very happy person.

I have also lived in a couple of houses with the number 13th and had a great time there.

Today was another lucky 13th. My friend C. finally gave birth to a little girl. She was almost 2 weeks overdue, so everyone was particularly looking forward to the little one's arrival. And today was the day of the days. Baby and mum are healthy and recovering well. Another lucky 13th baby – we are so happy! We wish you a wonderful life, little Joy!

So hurray for 13! A wonderful number with a undeserved bad reputation!

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