Sunday, January 3, 2010

My family

After I told you a bit about myself yesterday, I today want to introduce you to my nearest and dearest. First of all of course, there is my husband: Andi. He is my friend, my partner, my confederate, my man, my supporter, my critic, simply my everything. We have such a great time together ever since we met at a dress up party 4 years ago. Yes, that is where you can meet the man of your life – dressed up silly and singing along to dance music ;-) Since then we have mastered a lot of adventures together: from convincing his jealous cat that I was no threat to their cat-man-relationship to moving to Australia and starting a new life here.

Our biggest adventure for 2010 will be the arrival of our first baby end of May. We are both over the moon to extend our little family and cannot wait to meet our little one in 5 months. Incredible how much you can fall in love with someone whom you have just seen on a grainy (ultrasound) picture twice. We don’t know yet whether it is going to be a girl or a boy, so we call it Pünktchen (little dot) in the meantime.

My friends are of course another set of really important people in my life. Most of them are in Germany. Many in Australia. And a few others are just scattered across the world. I love that with Skype, Emails, Facebook & Co you can stay in touch no matter where you or your friend is at the moment. There is nothing better though than sitting together in your favourite cafe with a big latte or a glass of prosecco and catch up in person. All the other means of communication are more of a “in-between personal meetings” thing for me. Very good, but just not as fabulous as the real thing.

My family is also very close to my heart, even if they live several time zones and 16.000 km away from me at the moment. Again, hurray for skype and email! They are a bit crazy as all families are, but they are also incredible lovely and supportive. And I know I would have never become the person I am without them. So thanks a lot, my dear Family G! When we got married I also got a second pair of family – my in-laws – and lucky girl that I am they are absolutely what we needed in our super-family. So now – no wonder I miss them all badly every now and then.

Tomorrow I will tell you about my home, my hometowns of Munich, Berlin and Melbourne. Please enjoy your Sunday night – especially those of you who have to go back to work tomorrow.

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