Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nikolaus was here

I know it was very quiet here. Despite my promises to post everyday and share with you lots of homemade Christmas ideas. Reason why as so often – a sick baby and then a sick me. Yeap, this time I couldn’t avoid it. I had to surrender, lie down, watch stupid daytime TV, drink pots of peppermint tea, even take paracetamol to bring down the fever... Oh, well, I am sure you know these stories... on to something more pleasant.
Nikolaus was here.  My little one checked on her stocking every 5 minutes after she understood that there might be something in it later on

But then she suddenly and quite unexpectedly fell asleep at the dining table. So she opened her little present this morning. And it was ...

... a xylophone. What a delight! She almost refused to go the day care because she loved hammering away on it so much. Well, let’s see when our neighbours come around to confiscate this means of pleasure (or pain?) ;-)

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