Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Homemade Christmas: Ginger-Almond-Crossies

It is almost Christmas. Unbelievable, but so true.
This year I decided to make my Christmas as homemade as possible.
Because I love crafting and doing lots of crafts as decorations and presents
make my day uhmm December. So I try to share one idea for a homemade Christmas with you
as often as possible and hope that you feel inspired, amused or simply festive.
Happy Christmas time to all of you!

I have one last Christmas recipes, because if you are anything like my family all the other cookies have been eaten by now. It just seems impossible for us to save some cookies for Christmas ;-)
Anyway, this is one of my favourite recipes, ever since I learnt it from my friend Anna a couple of years ago. It is extremely chocolaty, a bit tart, crispy and so easy to make. In short, just my piece of cake.
For about 100 little pieces you need:
600g dark chocolate couverture
70g crystallised ginger
200g almond slivers
200g cornflakes
Roast the almond slivers in a pan (without any fat, so you have to pay close attention, stir it constantly and quickly get it off the heat before they burn). Let them cool off a bit.
In the meantime melt the couverture in a big metal bowl over a pot of boiling water.

Cut the crystallised ginger into very small pieces and mix it very well into the melted chocolate.
Add toasted almond slivers and cornflakes and mix until everything is coated in chocolate.
Fill baking tray with mini muffin papers and then add a teaspoon of the chocolate mixture to each little paper cup. Be careful because the mixture is very hot. As tempting as it might be to stick your fingers into the bowl: please don’t do it. With 100 paper cups filled there will be enough for you to try once they are cool.
Let them cool for a couple of hours and voila. Simply irresistible, I promise. And please don’t worry about the colour differences in the chocolate. This is only due to the fact that I put it into a box before they were completely cool. So don’t do that if you want to give them away as a present. If you ‘just’ want to eat them yourself, don’t worry about it. You will eat them so quick that you don’t even  shoot a glance at how they look ;-)
Happy chocolate mood!

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