Friday, December 2, 2011

Homemade Christmas: Adventskalender

It is almost Christmas. Unbelievable, but so true.
This year I decided to make my Christmas as homemade as possible.
Because I love crafting and doing lots of crafts as decorations and presents
make my day uhmm December. So I try to share one idea for a homemade Christmas with you
as often as possible and hope that you feel inspired, amused or simply festive.
Happy Christmas time to all of you!

Today as a start I will share the Adventskalender, which I made for my little one this year. She is just 1,5 so I am not sure whether she enjoys it as much as I did putting it together. But she loves the daily unwrapping anyway ;-)
I love Adventskalender as I told you yesterday  probably in too much detail. I love the anticipation. I love the surprise. I love the chocolates. And I love that my little one’s face lights up every day when she gets one of the little pressies and rips them open at once.
Following Catherine’s creative challenge ‘Christmas dresssew along’ and her wise advise to refrain from sewing millions of little bags for Adventskalenders, I simply bought this adorable one at Ikea

Simple – stylish – in my favourite colours – well, not self-made, but self-bought and giving me hours of extra time for more satisfying crafting.
Since the little one likes to eat as much as we do and started to imitate our action in the kitchen with whatever she could find and that was not an awful lot...

... we decided to give her a play kitchen for Christmas. And that of course gave us the greatest possibilities to fill her Adventskalender:

Here is its content in detail:
an apron and oven mitts with red-white polka dots and an oh-so-cute Christmas dog

empty metal containers from my kitchen cupboard

other empty containers to be filled with healthy snacks and the like
a set of wooden fruits and veggies which can be cut with the wooden knife thanks to Velcro
a set of wooden spoons and a plastic fish (with a plastic letture leaf I guess)
a bag of apples and a bag of oranges (her favourite fruits – at least I guess they are her favourites, because they are the only ones she can say until now ;-))
The Ikea breakfast set: with felt knife and board, bread, cheese, pancakes, sausages, bacon and eggs. Initially I wanted to make felt food myself after these wonderful examples of Schokoli. But then I completely ran out of time. Why is Christmas always coming so soon and so unexpected ;-) Anyway, make sure to have a look at all the amazing things Schokoli made for her little one and his little shop. It takes your breath away.
two fruit bowls
Of course she also gets a few things which have nothing to do with cooking. Or eating. Or pretending to cook. Or pretending to eat. Well, a few anyway. They are all truly home- resp. me-made and I am going to show them in more detail in the next couple of days.
Now, I will get myself a lovely glass of red, because it is Friday after all. Have a great start of the weekend!!!

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