Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas again

Today we will be celebrating Christmas with my lovely husband’s side of the family. I love that the distance between my family and his family ‘forces’ us to celebrate Christmas twice. I simply cannot get enough of candles & stories and beautiful presents & great food. In both our families our dads are responsible for the great food by the way.
My dad cannot cook a lot of things, but he makes the most amazing chicken dish on earth and therefore it has been our Christmas dish for about 10 years (and hopefully for the next 10 years as well): Lemon Chicken.  Slowly roasted in the oven. With a golden crust. And lots of soft vegetables and apples. Fresh and light thanks to the lemon juice. The exact ingredients are his secret, since everyone else is so engaged in the other family traditions that we hardly drop into the kitchen.
In my husband’s family cooking is always dad’s job and thankfully my husband kind of inherited this family tradition and loves to cook, too. They don’t have a special Christmas dish, but whatever my father-in-law makes, it is always delicious. Therefore I now quickly pack our pack of presents, my little one and my lovely husband and then we are off to a delicious, relaxing and festive afternoon and my in-laws.
I hope you enjoy your Boxing Day, too! Hopefully not in the Myer’s Christmas sale, but relaxed with your loved ones.

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