Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Creative Space – Still Stitching

It is Thursday and in my blogging world that means My Creative Space – a great blogging initiative initiated by Kirsty from Kootoyoo. Creative people from all over the world show their working space, projects they are currently working on and unfinished projects. I find it very inspiring and the photos that show the work spaces are truly stunning.

There is a finished project on my crafting table today. What an unusual sight! As you can see I am still stitching. Embroidery really has kept me going. After the snowflakes which I will show you soon, I did some photo album covers for the guests of my little one’s christening. Since it will also be the celebration of her first birthday, I thought it would be nice to give all our nearest and dearest a little photo album with pictures of her in her first year. The only problem was that I didn’t like the covers of the little photo albums you could buy. I was looking for something special which didn’t cost the world. And of course I ended up doing them myself ;-)

Sewn of blue jeans fabric...

... embroidered with different variations of my little one’s name and initials...

... in different colours and stitching techniques.

As so often, however, I more “ate more than I can chew”. I could have never finished them in time without my mum’s help. What a blessing to have a mum who is as obsessed with crafting as me and even more talented. Thanks, Mama!!!

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Maxabella said...

You are very lucky to have a talented mumma to lend a hand. Mine was allergic to all things craft and would need a lie down at the very mention of such things! x