Friday, May 27, 2011

A Casual Christening – Preparations

I love parties! I love to go to parties! I love to throw them! I think there are many things to celebrate, not only birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and Easter. Therefore I now dedicated my Friday posts to parties: to creative party invitations, to easy-to-make party food, to party decorations that make all the difference... I hope you feel inspired by the festive atmosphere on Fridays and celebrate many small and big events.
I am in the final stages of preparations for my little one’s christening. Since we decided to make it a special but casual celebration, I am not stressed at all, but look forward to celebrating with our closest family and friends. While organising the christening I faced two “challenges”: deciding on how to handle the religious traditions (plus I had to do some research because I wasn’t familiar with all of them) and putting together a little wish list (and I am not a fan of silver rattles and spoons).

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Religious traditions
  • Godparents – in former times they often had a provider role in case the parents died, but for me they (ideally) become adult confidants, who offer the child help and advice
  • Baptismal motto – here is a great source for German Taufsprüche, this motto shall guide the child throughout its life
  • Christening gown – often handed down from one generation to the next, the white dress should symbolise the child’s purity before god
  • Christening candle – more common in the Roman Catholic church, represents that Christ is the light in our life)
  • Intercessions – typical read out by the godparents during the service, often follows this scheme (1. for the child to be baptised, 2. for the parents and godparents, 3. for family, 4. for present friends and relatives, 5. for the community, 6. for all in the world who are in trouble or sickness 

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  • A special toy – something that is loved by the child for more than a few months, maybe a beautiful doll or a teddy bear
  • A piece of jewellery – for me it doesn’t need to be a classic cross, it could also be a fish (the ancient sign of Christ), a little heart or a single pearl
  • A savings account – on which the godparents pay an amount occasionally and the child can spend it on a holiday, a car etc. when it turns 18
  • A quilt – I love fabrics and I love the idea of turning scrap fabric into something useful and something full of memories by using fabrics from baby clothes, blankets etc.
  • The first tableware and cutlery – made from plastic or more classy from porcelain and stainless steal 

Oh, I am starting to get really excited! I cannot wait for next week.

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