Monday, May 23, 2011

A Casual Christening – The Outfit

Every Monday I will post something related to babies: inspiration, craft projects, baby news, and discoveries I have made in this new and exciting world for me. I hope you come along on that rollercoaster ride with me.
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I am back from my country holiday. Back in the city. Back home. And today I want to show you my little one’s outfit for her christening which I made with my mum during my little holiday.

First I had a look at my christening gown, which my mum made and my sister and I wore, because I am a sucker for traditions like inherited outfits. Plus it is soooooo beautiful. Slightly transparent cotton with yellow flowers, adorned with amazing lace. It is comfortably wide and very, very long.

Since my little one will be one at her christening– which means crawling, trying to stand and walk – we decided against my christening gown, which I wore when I was just 6 months old. It is simply way too long for any activity. It better suits a little baby who gets carried around all the time than a toddler bursting with energy.

Therefore we ‘pimped’ a summery dress, which I found at H&M. It was a white cotton summer dress with lining and some levels of lace, but we added some butterfly lace from Venice to dress it up a bit. It long, but she can still stand without stepping on the hem. It is not too hot, when the weather is fine. And if it is cool, we can just add a little white cardigan.

We also made lace trousers out of a table cloth that my late grandma gave me. I think we may take the dress off once the ceremony is over so that the little one can crawl more freely and is not constrained by the length of the dress in any way.

Out of the rest of the table cloth I made a little bonnet, because the christening will take place outside the church on the lawn and I want to avoid that the little one gets a sun stroke in the hour-long service. Plus, I think, it looks super-cute! Now please keep your fingers crossed that the little one allows the bonnet to stay on her head for more than 4 seconds. ;-)

I am really happy with the outfit. With the mix of new and old material. With the mix of practicality and nostalgia. With the layering.

I am also curious, however: what did your little one wear for her or his christening? What would you choose if you had a little one and if you would christen her or him?


Christiane said...

Oh, Du hast Dein eigenes Taufkleid noch - meins ist leider irgendwo verschütt gegangen und daher wurde Tochter 1 einfach nur in eine rosafarbene gestrickte Angorahose und weisse Bluse gesteckt (es war Herbst und sie war 3 Monate alt...). Sah sehr süß aus, aber der Pfarrer beschloss, dass das Kleid lang sein muss und legte irgendeinen vergilbten Fetzen der Kirche über - Bäh!!
Also habe ich für Kind 2 in einer Panikaktion kurz vor der Taufe ein eigenes langes Taufkleid genäht, darunter trug sie einen weisse Hose und eine weisse Bluse für danach.
Das gefiel mir vieeel besser, im Saum das Taufkleides habe ich noch ihren Namen und das Taufdatum eingestickt (und für den unwahrscheinlichen Fall dass noch ein Kind darin getauft wird, würde ich das nochmal tun...)

Dein gepimptes Outfit ist super und die alt-mit-neu Idee mag ich auch gerne!

* Ninotschka * said...

Christiane, das ist ja eine wundervolle Idee mit dem eingestickten Namen und Taufdatum. Das mach ich auf jeden Fall auch!!! Zeige ich dir dann hier natuerlich auch ;-) Und Pfarrer sollten sich generell aus modischen Fragen komplett raushalten, finde ich! Liebste Gruesse, Nina

sommer taufkleid said...

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