Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Me-made Mittwoch: Stofflager

Cat  had another great idea. After organising a Me Made February and her weekly Me Made Mittwoch, she called on all of us to show our ‘Stofflager’ (fabric stash). What a great idea. I also often hear other sewing addicts ‘complaining’ about the mountains of fabric they have at home.

I have to admit, I don’t understand the ‘complaining tone’ of some of these comments, because I ♥ my fabric stash. Here is:

It is full of beautiful fabrics which I have gathered over the years and they are full of memories: of fantastic flea market finds, of amazing cities, of projects I had in mind but never realised, of time I spend with my friends chatting and shopping.

On top these fabrics are not just nostalgic memories, they are also full of future potential. I often sort through them and think of all the wonderful things I could make with them: dresses, accessories, baby clothes, doll clothes or maybe a quilt.

So coming back to Cat’s questions:

a) Is your fabric stash enormous? – No yet, but I am working on it ;-)

b) Is your fabric stash too big? – NO! I think you cannot have too much fabric!

c) Does it never, never contain the fabric you need? – That is often true, but it is just another reason for an enormous stash, isn’t it? And sometimes, on rare occasions it offers the perfect fabric for your new project. And this makes you even happier than finding the perfect fabric in a shop.

I am now heading over to your fabric stashes. Maybe you have a cleverer way to organise and present your stashes, because that is something I would love to improve.


Lucy in the Sky said...

Ich glaube das enorme Potential ist genau das, was an Stoffvorräten so toll ist - die Stoffe könnten noch so viel werden. Und einfach am Samstag Abend spontan losnähen können, ohne Einkaufen! Ich denke auch, man kann gar nicht genug Stoff haben, solange es einen nicht räumlich oder finanziell überfordert. So ein jammeriges "meine vielen Stoffe blockieren mich" (das meintest du, nicht wahr?) habe ich in dieser runde glücklicherweise auch noch niht gelesen.

viele Grüße!

* Ninotschka * said...

Ja, ich war auch ganz begeistert, wie positiv alle von ihren Stoffbergen berichtet haben. Nix von 'auch-ich-habe-so-ein-schlechtes-Gewissen-dass-ich-so-viel-Stoffe-auf-Lager-habe'! Stattdessen gany viel Potential! Und neue Ideen! Und neue Projekte!