Thursday, October 7, 2010

What happened?

I know I told you I would be back more regularly. And I know that has been more than a week ago. Actually even more than 3 weeks ago. So what happened?

Well, basically I think I have been a little too optimistic, when I said that it is done. And that there is just a little organisational stuff to do. It was a bit more than that and still is. I still spend hours and lots of money at IKEA and in various hardware stores. I still haven’t finished catching up with family and friends. We still haven’t got a kitchen – but we are working on it. So a lot of work happened...

... and we celebrated the wedding of a very good friend of mine. I’ll definitely talk more about A’s wedding in the coming Wedding Wednesday posts. It was a wonderful, wonderful party and a highly emotional service and I was amazed by all the little and bigger things that made this wedding unique. So more about it soon.

We also celebrated 20 years of German reunification. Which is not only a national holiday for us, but also a very personal one. Andi is from former East Germany, I am from former West Germany. Without the reunification we wouldn’t have met, we wouldn’t have fallen in love with each other, we wouldn’t have had our beautiful daughter – a true all-German girl. In short – my life would have been very different. And not half as wonderful as it is now.

Besides I spend a lot of time with my little one, who is growing by the minute and learning new skills every single day. I still cannot get enough watching here discover the world, her hands, toys, her new bed, interesting sounds, ... You’ll definitely hear a lot about her as well in the coming posts. You know those proud mums just cannot help themselves ;-)

So thank you very much for being patient and for occasionally visiting this little neglected blog of mine. I promise to take better care of it in future.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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