Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mummy’s Movies

No, I haven’t been to the movies. Not, yet, but I am optimistic that I will eventually go out and watch a movie again one day. Maybe when I do not fully breastfeed her. Maybe when I have caught up on sleep. Maybe next year ;-)

Anyway, that doesn’t stop me from watching movies. On the contrary. I think DVDs were invented by and for mums. You can watch them anytime, at home, you can stop and restart them when the little one wakes up and you can watch them again, when you poor sleep-deprived and slow baby-brain forgot the plot or the ending... In short: hurray for DVDs!!!

The two latest DVDs I watched are very different, but I can highly recommend both of them – to both mums and not-mums:

Documentary about babies (what a surprise!) with 4 babies from Namibia, Tibet, Japan and the US

What I love: that there is no narrator, you just see and listen to the babies and their families; amazing pictures, touching stories, surprising many similarities and little differences across gender, culture and continent

What I don’t like: that I have to say goodbye to the four lovely babies after just 2 hours

I don’t think I have to explain to anybody what Sex and the City is ;-)

What I love: the girls, the fashion and the over-the-top lifestyle

What I don’t like: surprisingly little – a lot of my friends said that they didn’t like the second movie, but I thoroughly enjoyed it – of course it is unrealistic, of course some dialogues are a bit direct – but that’s what it is all about, isn’t it?

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