Sunday, July 4, 2010

Shopping a la Japoinaise

This week I want to take you with me to Japan. A fascinating country. So foreign but still close to my heart. I have visited it just once, but it is at the very top on my travel list. I love its food, its culture (or at least the bit I understand), its people, its script, its shopping craze, its bathing traditions, its fabrics,... So come with me to the “Land of the Rising Sun”.

Shopping in Japan is amazing.

On the one hand side there are incredible beautiful artisan items like kimonos, pottery and paintings. Often they are unaffordable but just a pleasure to look at. A wonderful exception are these ceramic dishes which I found on Kappabashi Dogugai a street full of kitchenware stores – which are both incredible beautiful and affordable.

On the other side there are incredible fun kitschy items. Often they are affordable, very colourful, 100% plastic, loud, childish, accessible and fun – or absolutely kawaiiiii 

Kawaii hand bags – yes, they are for women, not for little girls

Vending machines – where you can literally get everything from cigarettes to hot and cold drinks, from games to underwear

Bath salts – in an immense variety of scents and ingredients e.g. with charcoal or exotic flowers and fruits

Strawberry dog house – can it get any more kawaii than that?

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