Saturday, July 10, 2010

Neither here nor there

Sorry, I know it has been a bit quiet around here recently. The reason for this is not my cute little bundle of joy. She is still incredible good - feeding well, sleeping good, being a happy baby unless there is wind in her little tummy.

No, the reason for me spending time away from my blog is that my lovely husband and I realised that we will be really moving to Germany in just 5 weeks. Aaaaahhhh! Therefore we spent the last few days putting together immense To-Do-Lists and throwing ourselves in getting them done: booking flights, applying for Vicky's passport at the embassy, organising the shipping of our container, starting to sell everything we don't want to take with us, meeting people we might not see for a long time,... I don't want to bother you with all the details, but it is a lot.

picture found here

But since we have also got a lot done in the last couple of days and feel very organised now, we decided to take the weekend off. So here I am sitting in front of my laptop with a beautiful cuppa (cup of tea), my lovely husband is still asleep and the little one is 'playing' on her baby quilt next to me. It is cold and stormy outside and life is good.

Wish you all a wonderful weekend!

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