Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mutti’s Restaurant

You can tell that I am homesick, when I go to German restaurants abroad. Otherwise I would always prefer local cuisines.

Mutti’s, however, is well worth a visit, even if you are not home-sick. You really feel at home at Mutti’s (which means ”mum’s” in German): the atmosphere is warm, the service is very friendly, the beer is cold, the food is great and it is surprisingly affordable.

Last time we ate there with friends, the four of us shared the Brettljausen (a mixed platter for 2 with cured meats, pickled vegetables, terrine, goats cheese and bread) and some Brezn with butter as starter. Gosh it took me right back to all the wonderful skiing holidays, which I spent with my family in Austria as a child.

As main I had the Triple duck (glühwein poached duck breast, crispy leg of duck, and potato dumpling filled with duck crackling, served with speck and grüner veltliner braised savoy cabbage and lingon berry scented duck jus) and I can tell you I still dream about it. It is the perfect modern interpretation of a traditional German Christmas duck. As yummy, but less fatty and less rustic. Beautiful!!!

My lovely husband had “Kasnudeln” – a wonderful Austrian style pasta – which was a bit unusual for him, because it is 100% vegetarian. How un-German ;-) Our friends, however, made up for it and shared the Crisp roast pork hock for the ultimate German meat experience, which was yummy but enough for at least 3 very hungry people. So don’t worry about my hubby, he got his fare share of meat that evening.

Unfortunately, we were all way too full to have dessert, although they sounded so appetising and reminded me of my granny: Bienenstich, Black Forrest Cake, Apple Strudle...

Oh my god, even writing about these dishes makes me salivate. I think I’ll have to make myself a salami sandwich right now ;-)

Guten Appetit!

118 Elgin St, Carlton VIC 3053
Phone (03) 9349 5008
Open Wed 4:30pm-11pm; Thu-Fri 12pm-11pm; Weekends 5pm-11pm

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