Sunday, July 25, 2010

Australia’s Next Masterchef

The decision is made.

Australia’s Next Masterchef is:

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Callum, however, is my “Masterchef of the hearts”. I was amazed, how well he handled the pressure and how genuinely happy he was for Adam. And he is ‘just’ 20 years old. I reckon he will have a great career as a chef, even if he just became second.
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I cannot believe it. It is over. What am I going to do every night? For almost 4 months I spent every night from 7.30 to 8.30pm with the Masterchefs. I don’t know whether that’s loyal or sad. But hey, first I was heavily pregnant and now I have a little one so my entertainment options are somewhat limited. And it wasn’t just stupid TV, it really was educational.

Things I have learned in this season of Masterchef:

1. That you should put the oil onto the meat before frying it not into the pan.

2. How to make an easy but yummy chocolate brownie. Find the recipe here

3. What to make with fresh fennel – a yummy orange-apple-fennel-salad

4. How to judge whether prawns are fresh or not.

5. That showing passion makes you so much more likeable (it is true, Claire!)

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