Saturday, January 12, 2013

Themed Party Ideas

What makes me happy? Starting to plan a new party right after having cleaned up the mess of the precious one ;-) Seriously!!!

Well, maybe this is partly due to the fact that I haven’t thrown or been to a lot of parties since I had the little one.  But that is about to change.
Currently I am planning a big party for my birthday in February. Not because it is a special birthday. Just an ordinary 37th birthday.
At the moment all I know is that...
... I want an all-adult party, so the grandparents are booked to take the little one overnight...
... I want to have lots of friends around me – both old and new ones...
... and I want a themed party with dressing up and motto decorations.
What the theme is, you ask? Oh well, that is a difficult question.
I have already been to a number of great themed parties. Especially in Australia people are very creative and enthusiastic about them, I have to say ;-) And I certainly do not want to repeat a theme.
I have been to a Bad Taste Party – very, very funny, but unfortunately:  I have been there, I have done that.
I have been to several Wig Parties – hilarious, but only if it is not too hot. These wigs otherwise kill you and your fancy make-up ;-)
I have been to a Sea Life Party – with male and female mermaids, pirates and odd sea monsters.

I have been to a Cowboys and Indians Party – where we all square-danced in the end.
I have been to a White Party for my friend’s hen’s night.
I have thrown a Breakfast at Tiffany’s – including turquoise petit fours and huge diamonds on the tables.

I have invited my guests to a Las Vegas Gambling Night – with big bucks and low lights and someone who actually stole the highest coupon.

We threw an Australia Party for our friends before moving to Melbourne.

My overall highlight was a Mafia Party which we have thrown for my husband’s 30th birthday. Too many highlights to mention them all, but I just say 17 men with hats, a nun, lots of fake money and a shot man singing karaoke and a lot of other dubious folks.
Wow! I have to admit I have been to more great themed parties than I initially remembered. But after having gone through all the photos of the past few years, I have to say. A lot of great themes are already out of the race for my birthday theme ;-(
I guess I have to immerse myself into other people’s parties and steal some great ideas!

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