Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas Review

I know, I haven’t told you a thing about Christmas. It is always such an exciting build up until the BIG DAY and then... nothing. Well, not nothing, in our case it is more... relaxing... playing with new toys... reading new books...doing nothing...for once.

We did have a wonderful Christmas though. One with one family on Christmas Eve and the other one on Boxing Day with the other family! We had great food, beautiful presents and the little one was overwhelmed by the attention of the extended family, by all the presents and all the Christmas traditions:
The baby in the Kripperl

Our bad taste Christmas Tree Ornament competition
The nativity play at church with girls in white dresses and golden headbands as angels

The waiting for the Christkind (baby Christ brings the presents in southern Germany, not Santa, who is responsible for the north of Germany. You see, job sharing does work!)

The cramming of all the wrapping paper under the table
You see a lot to digest for a 2.5 year old. Nevertheless, I think it was the best Christmas ever. For her. For us.
Forget about baby’s first Christmas. The babies are just too small to see anything but maybe the lights. They are too tiny to understand anything of the Christmas magic. So, please leave them alone with Santa or presents or photos or Christmas trees ;-). Because that is all very frightening. All they care about is their usual milk and a clean nappy and somewhere quiet to sleep (maybe mum’s or dad’s belly?).
The year after the babies are starting to see more and understand more, but still it is all very confusing and way too much to cope with. So there is a lot of crying, bumping into Christmas trees, sitting on presents instead of opening them and all of that in the presence of a hundred burning candles. No fun, I can tell you ;-)
This year, however, it was fun. And it was magic. And exciting. And it was not frightening at all. Therefore the little one asked on Boxing Day: ‘When is Christmas again?’


Anonymous said...

Bei uns hiess die Frage: "Emma heute auch Bursdag hat?" :-)

* Ninotschka * said...

Ach, wie wunderbar! Ja wenn alles so geschmückt ist und alle so aufgeregt sind, dann muss doch Geburtstag sein. Ich finde übrigens auch, dass man mehr als einmal im Jahr Geburtstag haben sollte, Emma!!!