Sunday, January 6, 2013

Quick & Easy NYE Decorations

I promised you a more detailed report of my freneticdecoration craze so here it comes ;-)

On December 30th it suddenly began to dawn on me that the next day was NYE... and we were having a party...  at our place... and I had prepared absolutely nothing in terms of decorations.

No problem one might say, but I love party decorations.
I think they are vital for setting a party mood. For making guests feel special and welcomed. For getting the fun and the party started. For lifting all spirits especially on a slightly difficult night like NYE on which not only a few people feel a bit depressed due to the whole review and resolutions thing.

I would spend hours, days and weeks planning party decorations. And I could easily spend a fortune on decorations for one night only. And here I was, with no plan, no clue and no possibility to shop (it was Sunday and we still have the lovely tradition of one shopping-free day per week).

After I stopped beating myself up and thought of all the good reasons for having more important things on my mind than party decorations (a number of Christmas parties, family Christmas in two cities, a flight with a toddler in between the two Christmases, lots of small and big presents to make and buy, my usual hurray-I-am-on-annual-leave-tonsillitis, my husband moving back to Berlin, a birthday party of a very good friend...), I started to get through my boxes and drawers... and I found pink. Lots of pink. I am not exaggerating. I found pink EVERYWHERE. And so I decided to make it a think pink NYE.
I made a few lucky bags out of pink paper and silver stickers...

... and filled them with little lucky symbols which I found around the house...

... a felt heart for love, a band aid for health, a shell for a journey, a piglet for luck, a cent for money,  paper clip for success, a balloon for fun and antlers for courage (I know, but I was running out of lucky symbols ;-))
Plus I cut out 2012 from plain paper and wrapped it around pink tea light holder...

... and blew up all the pink balloons I could find and hung them up...

... and I filled all my silver Christmas ornaments in glass vases of all sizes and shapes.
For the table decoration I stamped a pink 2013 on plain white napkins...

... threw a few small disco balls and used a piece of unhemmed fabric as table runner...

... put silver plates and pink tea light holder on the middle of the table. E voila!
Not too bad, but...

Quick – 2 hours max

Easy – no special skills needed at all and a colour-scheme really makes your life easier (I know I sound like a wedding planner ;-))

Cheap – if you have a helplessly overstocked decoration and crafting department like me :-)

So, now I can think about a new party, just to try out some new decorations and buy more glittering stuff ;-)

Happy Sunday!

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