Sunday, January 13, 2013

More Themed Party Ideas

After I had to exclude so many great themes for my birthday party, because I have already been to or thrown these parties, I spent the past night online doing research on what other creative blogging people have done in terms of themed parties and here are my favourites so far:

Superheros – inspired by this great kid party by SugarSweet, but I could also imagine a great adult version of the theme, e.g. dressing up as your childhood hero
1920s – inspired by these wonderful girls , ahhhh, those hats, those lips, and those dresses – how chic, I think the 20s are my favourite past decade in terms of style, music and attitude

Circus – inspired by this Taschen book cover, I think cotton candy, popcorn, sequins everywhere, ballerina skirts...
James Bond – my all-time favourite movies, especially the ones with Sean Connery and the latest ones with Daniel Craig, their 50th anniversary would be a great reason to use it as a party theme and there is nothing more glamorous than men in tuxedos and girls in golden bikinis J I am really inspired by Naomi’s party theme
Pirates – ever since I have been to a little girl’s birthday party with this amazing home-made pirate ship cake, I wanted  a party with eye patches and bare feet, with wooden swords and fake rum myself as well.  
What do you think? Any favourites of yours? Any great themed parties you have thrown or been to?

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