Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One month old

With one month...

... Victoria is an escape artist – in less than 30 seconds she can unwrap herself from the tightest swaddle.

... she loves the sound and the warm air of the hairdryer.

... she can perfectly imitate the squeaking sound of a rusty hinge, a contorted door and a tight window.

... she had already two manicures because she was already born with really long and sharp fingernails.

.. . she loves to take a shower with your daddy.

... she can burp like a truck driver.

... she has been out and about a lot – in sun and rain: at a museum, restaurants, library, shopping, post office, pharmacies, doctors, town hall, beach and the park.

... she loves everything black-and-white: pictures, mobiles and chair covers.

... she can make more complicated gestures than a Thai temple dancer.

... she has already grown out of some of her clothes in size OOOO (size 50).

I am so proud of you, little Vicky! And I love you more than I can say.

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